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“LOVE ME LIKE ROSE PETALS”    Blossom forth like a rose, Yet Blossom like a metaphor forming, Blossom forth like the beauty you are.     Before Me  His hair of a black stallion's mane, The eyes unresistable to the nake eye, His presence puts me in heat and starts my heart beating, His touch on my check makes me quiver and shiver, His lips are of a pink rose, A kiss that is unforgetable, His look he gives makes me feel special, And his accent melts me inside, His gentleness leaves me floating high, Many of times I feel useless without him, Will I ever know his he feels? He doesn't express how he feels in a tender way, I picture us together, Half of me don't know, if he will care, Even if he does say with emotion, So the only answer is to go on for the future, I know there will be true life filled with love in stored for me.     Dear Whom It May Concern  From My heart I give, From my tears I beg you, From my mouth I say to you, From my actions I show you, From my face I express upon you,  From a broken heart I do deserve more, From me to you I love you. oetfeondavis.com Updating this website...
Inspirational Love poems of Love and hope from the heart.
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