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Digital Design Love poem bookmarks printed and laminated

size: 2x8 printed and Laminated 300dpi pixel Choice of tassel or ribbon: white,Red (heart charm included)

  $3.00each +Free shippping

5 Handmade sorted Love poem cards envelopes included

Love poem cards size: 4x7 up 6x9 colorful sorted  $14.95 +Free shipping
Policy No returns unless there is  damages. Then you will receive a new item. Please allow 7 days for your item to reach you destination in usa area.  
if you have any question about any order go to my contact page and email me. Thank you   
Personal Gifts Handmade digital design bookmarks. Printed and laminated then mailed to you. Also includes handmade non laminated bookmarks and other gifts.
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Love In Color

8x10 size book 52pages 100 poems autograph copy (signed name of author)

$9.00 +Free shipping

Inspirational Love poems of Love and hope from the heart.